What is Tender’s Local Content and why it’s important to Small Businesses?

local content

Yesterday an entrepreneur comes to us very unhappy, because his government client wants him to declare what is called “Local Content”, they want to award him a tender to supply some electronic telecommunication equipment, but the problem is that he did not declare this “Local Content” accurately when responding to the request for quotation, this simple mistake now disqualifies him even though his price is the best!

Local Content means how much of the goods you supply will be bought locally, obviously many goods are manufactured overseas, but same time government wants only local goods to boost the local economy, so what do you do? There is ways for you to bypass this government requirement and still get maximum points for your tender bid, even when importing from overseas is discouraged.

The Tender Master Class is a SETA accredited short tendering course about bidding for tenders for corporates, jobseekers and SMMEs, so that when you bid for tenders you do it accurately and effectively and not make mistakes that get you disqualified, but WIN TENDERS!

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