MarketDirect Tender And Purchase Order Finance Solution

Our Tender And Purchase Order Finance Solution

Do you have a tender or purchase order from government or multi-national company? Do you need money to pay suppliers? Tender and purchase order financing or funding is for you to deliver on time ūüôā

What is the risk to your business if you do not deliver to your clients on time? Losing future business from your clients!

Reputation is the key to success and business growth!

Our Tender and Purchase Order Financing solution should not be viewed like bank business loans as it is not¬†you share your specific project profit with us as agreed,¬†we do¬†not do any credit checks on you or your business and in many cases do not care what experience you have,¬†therefore the risk is very high to¬†us and¬†hence the finance fees are steep, banks simply give you money and don’t care whether your project fails or succeeds¬†and when your project fails they then simply list you at ITC and take you to court to attach your assets,¬† our approach is to be involved¬†and do everything we can to make your project a success,¬†thereby growing your business, we take ALL OF YOUR PROJECT FINANCE RISK meaning¬† if your project fails or payment is delayed for other reasons not of your own doing, we do not go after you seeking¬†our money back like banks do, so we¬† risk losing ALL OF OUR FINANCE.

Entrepreneurs fail to deliver on time time and time again, so if you deliver on time you will differentiate your business and build a good reputation your client will then feel comfortable giving you bigger projects.

Consider the overall value we bring to your business, business growth, we bring you more than just a business loan!


Our PO financing program has a number of and advantages. However, the most important benefit is that you will be able to fulfil larger and more purchase orders and grow your business.

Your company will enjoy additional benefits. A PO financing line:

  • We take¬†All Your Finance Risk, meaning if your project fails for reasons other than your own or payment is delayed, we do not go after you in courts seeking our money like banks do.
  • Is available to¬†new companies/start-ups
  • ITC¬†Blacklisted¬†welcome.
  • Grows with your business and has no ceiling
  • Is transactional ‚Äď use it only when you need it
  • Can be set up quickly, often in a week or two
  • Is easier to get than bank financing


We pay the supplier(s) directly, on your behalf. Once they are paid, your supplier manufactures and delivers your product or we can handle you logistics should your supplier(s) not able to deliver to your client. The transaction settles when your client receives the goods and pays for them. We collect the money and take our fees and give you the balance.


To qualify for purchase order financing, your company must:

  • Sufficient gross profit margin eg 25-30% such that the financing fees can be payable by you and you also don’t end up with enough profit after our financing fees.
  • Have orders where you will spend R50,000 or more
  • Simple delivery of goods projects.¬†
  • No labour-intensive projects such as manufacturing, training, consulting, painting, etc
  • If its Construction¬†it must be a project where you will spend R250K or more
  • Projects that pay 30 days after they finished unless it is construction.
  • Your clients must be large corporates or government parastatals
  • No Government School projects unless it a project from Department of Education itself
  • No international projects.


Even IT BLACKLISTED are welcome and we take all your finance risk, so financing fees are quite steep and range from 15% up to 25% of the cost of your goods depending on the risk, duration  and the  kind of project it is.


To submit your already existing tender or purchase order for consideration for funding  click here now!

Partner with MarketDirect into your projects and lets help grow your business!