TolaTender: The Only Free Tender Bulletin & Alerting Service in South Africa

What is TolaTENDER?

It is basically your free tender and RFQ bulletin and alerting service via email in South Africa, we will inform or notify you not just about any kind of tender but the ones you are interested in! Other tender alerting services can charge you R250-R600 per month to inform you about tenders and RFQs! TolaTender is a free tender bulletin and alerting service, we currently focus on alerting entrepreneurs on government tenders but we growing we will even have tenders from private companies soon.

How to find tenders and setup your Free tender alerts?

You need to search our free tender website for what you seek, for instance say you looking for office automation or stationery tenders then in the input box “what tender or where?” type the a word that describes what you looking far better than any eg “office automation”, “office equipment” or “stationery” or any combination of words you like. You need to just keep trying out different words, keywords, using the search tool there. Each time when searching for a tender you will be asked to setup a tender alert for that search you did, set up your tender alert if you want it for what you had just searched for 🙂

Where to see the tenders and RFQs and setup my Free tender alerts?

Go see and setup your Free tender alerts at our TolaTENDER website click this link now!