B2B Advertising: Government is NOT the only customer you can have – Advertise your business!

TolaTender B2B Advertising

REMEMBER! Government is NOT the only customer that can buy from your business, other businesses can buy from you too!

Introducing TolaTender B2B Advertising solution with www.tolatender.co.za your free tender alerting service, be sure to go setup your free ender alert there now, our tender bulletin and alerts are free why pay R250-R600 per month for an alert?

Please bear in mind that advertising spots are limited, especially the ones on the email alerts and all advertising is on a “first come, first serve basis” (therefore, whomever sends the correctly completed forms, attachments and makes the payment for a particular spot will get that particular spot, first).

What is TolaTender B2B Advertising?

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B2B Advertising is basically about telling other businesses about your own business services, and because TolaTender.co.za is a FREE tender alerting website, a lot of businesses are using this service, there is about 8000 registered businesses at TolaTender free tender alerting website, these businesses obviously purchase goods and services of other businesses in order to re-sell to their clients, so, as MarketDirect we can help you setup a B2B advertising strategy to sell your product to these businesses.

Our Partner Network

Further more than showing your services to the 8000 businesses that use our free tender/RFQ alerting website, we buy external media and show your advertisements on Google, LinkedIn, Facebook and much more, we do this to give your business maximum exposure.

Your Promotional Message:

Advertising your services to businesses is different from advertising to the public, so you need to consider your choices when it comes to determining what type of media you will use to get your message across and also what you want to say or communicate to other businesses.

At MarketDirect we will assist you to make right choices. You can design your online advertising media yourself or we do it on your behalf. We require an advertising banner graphic communicating your services in an attention-grabbing manner, this is important.

We require online banners to be of size 350 x 320 pixels in size.

Please supply graphic banners that are either static or animated, the filed must not be more than 450kb.

Examples of online banners shown below:

Examples of advertising online banners




PRICE: R3999 incl. VAT for the whole month or pay per lead. (See below on section “The Cost”)



PRICE: R4999 incl. VAT per month, ONLY 3 AD SPOTS AVAILABLE!! First come first serve, we can not guarantee slot availability here.

The Cost:

Choose one out of the two costing models below:

Traditional Budget

It is simple you just buy advertising slots or spots for the whole month (pricing is above on the advertising spots).

Cost Per Lead

You design the ads  or we do it, and you pay only when you get a business lead:

An example, say you selling a service or product that costs R1000 each, an advertising fee will be calculated this way: Advertising Fee = 10% of your R1000 costing product/service price you sell x 1 Lead = R150 x 1 = R100. So after a month long advertising campaign, if you end up getting 10 sales, an assumption, you made R10 000 sales having paid out about R1000 (excl. once off setup fee) in advertising fees. 
You will have to setup a maximum budget you will to spend per month so that you do not end up more than you can afford.
Remember! Advertising is long term and is about finding a balance between advertising cost and your profit.


  1. We accept most bank cards, in the case of cost per lead, which we only debit should there be any business leads collected on your behalf in our marketing system. You only pay when there is a business lead collected by our systems.
  2. Optional: Once-off online leads collection form by software engineer setup fee of R 600.
  3. Optional: Once-off professional Graphic design service online Banner design fee: R 450.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us click here.

Market DirectTM are experts in getting you new business and making you money!