Paul Manjanja
Chief Editor & Product Manager
I am a new media strategist and entrepreneur in the new media industry professionally, personally my interest are communications technologies and innovation to uplift poor communities by informing them with useful information that will help upgrade their lives, thus my social economic projects I am starting and/or doing in various poor communities across South Africa. *Media recently: #2015: SABC KAYA FM: Interview of Mr Paul Manjanja on TolaJOB search engine from 07:50am, 07 Jan 2015. Effective human-powered search method or technology. #2014: SABC SAFM: Interview of Mr Paul Manjanja on 1st African jobs search engine from 12:40pm, 04 Jan 2014. Effective human-powered search method or technology. #2013: Founded the first and only African job search engine for young people who have no work experience, that applies a variant of the concept of 'human expertise-empowered search engines' to provide more accurate jobs search results to solve a particular human-computer interaction problem identified. #2012 - 2013: I took a product with 0 sales and very limited budget, and within 8 months set it on a path to generating a couple of millions of rands of total sales revenue per annum! I was its marketing strategist. #2012 - 2013: Planned and managed mass media advertising campaigns on SABC national radio stations and on new media like the internet and SMS.