How to spot a Request For Quotation/Purchase Order scam easy?

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Spot a Request For Quotation/Purchase Order Scam Easy!

The scammers modus operandi: The fraudulent requests for quotations (“RFQ”) are sent via email to SMEs requesting them to send quotations or to deliver goods. After the submission of a quote by a supplier, communication is then sent to such a supplier, that the quote has been accepted and delivery may take place or goods will be collected from the premises of the supplier.

Typical scams have the following attributes:

How to spot a scam easy?
Pay attention to the email address from which the request for quotation comes from, let me make a real example. An SME recently contacted MarketDirect Purchase Order Funding service seeking funding for a purchase order “awarded” by Steve Biko Academic Hospital, we simply saw very easily that it a scam by looking at the email address where it is coming, in this case the email address looked this way.
STEP 1: Copy and to your internet browser the part after the “@” sign, you lend at government website if not it is scam.
Spot a PO SCAM easy

STEP 2: We copied and pasted “” onto our internet browser and have a look below where that took us:

po scam website domain not government

This website shown above clearly is not of government but it is where the scam artists registered their website, ““, and is not like any of the real department of health website which usually end with “” for instance ““.

There you have it! A simple test to see if the Request For Quotation (RFQ) or Purchase Order(PO) you receive via email is scam or real, simply take the part after “@” symbol of an email address the RFQ is coming from and put it on your internet web browser it should lead you to a real government website!

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