MarketDirect Tender And Purchase Order Finance Solution

Our Tender And Purchase Order Finance Solution

Do you have a tender or purchase order from government or multi-national company? Do you need money to pay suppliers? Tender and purchase order financing or funding is for you to deliver on time ūüôā

What is the risk to your business if you do not deliver to your clients on time? Losing future business from your clients!

Reputation is the key to success and business growth!

Our Tender and Purchase Order Financing solution should not be viewed like bank business loans as it is not¬†you share your specific project profit with us as agreed,¬†we do¬†not do any credit checks on you or your business and in many cases do not care what experience you have,¬†therefore the risk is very high to¬†us and¬†hence the finance fees are steep, banks simply give you money and don’t care whether your project fails or succeeds¬†and when your project fails they then simply list you at ITC and take you to court to attach your assets,¬† our approach is to be involved¬†and do everything we can to make your project a success,¬†thereby growing your business, we take ALL OF YOUR PROJECT FINANCE RISK meaning¬† if your project fails or payment is delayed for other reasons not of your own doing, we do not go after you seeking¬†our money back like banks do, so we¬† risk losing ALL OF OUR FINANCE.

Entrepreneurs fail to deliver on time time and time again, so if you deliver on time you will differentiate your business and build a good reputation your client will then feel comfortable giving you bigger projects.

Consider the overall value we bring to your business, business growth, we bring you more than just a business loan!


Our PO financing program has a number of and advantages. However, the most important benefit is that you will be able to fulfil larger and more purchase orders and grow your business.

Your company will enjoy additional benefits. A PO financing line:

  • We take¬†All Your Finance Risk, meaning if your project fails for reasons other than your own or payment is delayed, we do not go after you in courts seeking our money like banks do.
  • Is available to¬†new companies/start-ups
  • ITC¬†Blacklisted¬†welcome.
  • Grows with your business and has no ceiling
  • Is transactional ‚Äď use it only when you need it
  • Can be set up quickly, often in a week or two
  • Is easier to get than bank financing


We pay the supplier(s) directly, on your behalf. Once they are paid, your supplier manufactures and delivers your product or we can handle you logistics should your supplier(s) not able to deliver to your client. The transaction settles when your client receives the goods and pays for them. We collect the money and take our fees and give you the balance.


To qualify for purchase order financing, your company must:

  • Sufficient gross profit margin eg 25-30% such that the financing fees can be payable by you and you also don’t end up with enough profit after our financing fees.
  • Have orders where you will spend R50,000 or more
  • Simple delivery of goods projects.¬†
  • No labour-intensive projects such as manufacturing, training, consulting, painting, etc
  • If its Construction¬†it must be a project where you will spend R250K or more
  • Projects that pay 30 days after they finished unless it is construction.
  • Your clients must be large corporates or government parastatals
  • No Government School projects unless it a project from Department of Education itself
  • No international projects.


Even IT BLACKLISTED are welcome and we take all your finance risk, so financing fees are quite steep and range from 15% up to 25% of the cost of your goods depending on the risk, duration  and the  kind of project it is.


To submit your already existing tender or purchase order for consideration for funding  click here now!

Partner with MarketDirect into your projects and lets help grow your business!

TolaTender: The Only Free Tender Bulletin & Alerting Service in South Africa

What is TolaTENDER?

It is basically your free tender and RFQ bulletin and alerting service via email in South Africa, we will inform or notify you not just about any kind of tender but the ones you are interested in! Other tender alerting services can charge you R250-R600 per month to inform you about tenders and RFQs! TolaTender is a free tender bulletin and alerting service, we currently focus on alerting entrepreneurs on government tenders but we growing we will even have tenders from private companies soon.

How to find tenders and setup your Free tender alerts?

You need to search our free tender website for what you seek, for instance say you looking for office automation or stationery tenders then in the input box¬†“what tender or where?”¬†type the a word that describes what you looking far better than any eg “office automation”, “office equipment” or “stationery” or any combination of words you like. You need to just keep trying out different words, keywords, using the search tool there.¬†Each time when searching for a tender you will be asked to setup a tender alert¬†for that search you did, set up your tender alert if you want it for what you had just searched for¬†ūüôā

Where to see the tenders and RFQs and setup my Free tender alerts?

Go see and setup your Free tender alerts at our TolaTENDER website click this link now!

Purchase Order and RFQ Scam Alert from CSD

CSD PO Fraud Alert

Don’t be duped or hood-winked by skelems!

Over the past four years a number of companies have lost tens of thousands of Rands due to alleged fraudulent request for quotations (RFQS) and orders, supposedly from government departments.

The fraudsters would send a fictitious RFQ from what would seem to be a governmental email address, use a fake RFQ form with a logo and contact details of the contact person. These requests are usually ‚Äúurgent‚ÄĚ and the whole process is concluded within a short period of time. During the process the ‚ÄúSCM officials‚ÄĚ will be in contact with the unsuspecting service provider until the goods are delivered either outside the building or at an agreed address.

Companies are therefore advised to verify all the RFQs and orders by calling the respective departments using the Departmental contact details listed on their respective websites to verify authenticity prior to responding to any RFQs or orders to avoid falling prey to these fraudsters.

Source: Central Supplier Database (National Treasury)

Cash Flow Solution: Sell your invoice or tender purchase order and release cash now

This is email republished for our¬†Gmail users especially because Gmail service, though superb, does put legit email in their SPAM folders by mistake and these Gmail users end up “not seeing” legit emails.

My Email that was marked as SPAM by Gmail by mistake

Hi Entrepreneur or Tenderpreneur¬†ūüôā

It is a pleasure that you allow TolaTender to service you with our free tender alerts, your business growth is very important to me for that also helps the country, you grow we all grow, this is my inspiration for partnering with alternative yet LEGAL business cash flow solutions some backed by companies like Investec.

I provide you with¬†information on the business cash flow solutions you can start using today.¬†Enabling your business to have cash all the time. All over the world a new form of¬†cash flow financing¬†is emerging to rival the traditional financial institutions, because entrepreneurs have gotten tired being denied finance…


We heard these stories before,

“I recently gotten a tender but don’t know where to find the cash to pay suppliers”

“I recently gotten a tender but am waiting over a month for government funding, it looks like I won’t deliver on time¬†ūüôĀ

Sell your invoice and/or tender purchaser orders

Yes. Sell them and get finance now. So you can find money to pay suppliers, and not wait up to 60 days for payments.

My¬†Cash Flow Problem Busting¬†propositions for you, both options are all about saving your business¬†TIME waiting for its big customer payments, basically another¬†business more stronger will wait on your behalf, isn’t that smart?¬†And this also enables you to¬†pay your suppliers on time and not risk losing your customers may it be government or private companies:

  1. Government Tender Purchase Order Finance:¬†Stop worrying about where you will get funding or money for you big tender!¬†You sell your tender purchase order basically, and get the cash TODAY¬†to pay your suppliers on time and accomplish your tender goals. This option gives you the¬†“Redbull wings”¬†enabling your business¬†to even go for bigger tenders!
  2. Invoice discounting:¬†Don’t wait for payments¬†from your big private company customers. Its a cash ASAP once your credit line is established where you sell your invoices to an invoice buyer at a discount ¬†e.g. sell a R100 000 invoice for say R95 000, and not wait¬†30 days.
  3. BONUS:¬†FREE!¬†TolaTender¬†tender alerts via email (via SMS soon ūüėČ, am sure you have joined which is great,¬†and if not go to website¬†¬†and register your tender alert, they come every monday, so you can start “hustling” knowing where the business leads are and not worry about cash!

How long it takes to get the cash?

I have heard stories of people waiting months to get government¬†funding after they have gotten the tender!¬†Get pre-approved for tender finance in 24-48 hours!¬†No more stories like¬†“I recently gotten a tender but don’t know where to find the cash to pay suppliers”.¬†These cash flow¬†financing solution gives you cash in few days!

Interested? What is the next step?

Get the cash flow quotations by filling the following respective forms online:

  1. Government Tender Purchase Order Finance: Click Here Now
  2. Invoice Discounting Finance: Click Here Now


SPAM: You not receiving legit email? Gmail marks messages as SPAM by mistake.

Email SPAM test before sending email to see how it goes, as Gmail had previously marked a legit message as SPAM by mistake.
Email SPAM test before sending email to see how it fairs, as Gmail had previously marked a legit message as SPAM by mistake, an email I had sent to my other Gmail subscriber of my newsletter, my testing Gmail email address. But even this test won’t guarantee Gmail won’t put email in SPAM folder by mistake though my email scored 10/10 using email SPAM tester service.

Hi TolaTender Email Newsletter Readers,

I am forced to publish an¬†important email I sent yesterday here on your TolaTender News website, yesterday I¬†sent an important email on new¬†finance options available for your business (am publishing it here too), Gmail email service sometimes does put legit emails from your senders into their spam folder by¬†mistake, using their intelligent systems they detect spam email by looking how many times certain words and phrases are used, e.g. Cash and Free, so when I¬†had¬†“Cash Flow Solution” and “free” used in my email I suspect it is the reason¬†their¬†put that into their “spam” folder by mistake. Well Gmail users¬†can end up not seeing important emails from their legit email senders, and if you a business you may end up losing an important client, sadly ūüôĀ

Well Gmail service is free, so expect some problems like this, it is up to you to check and remove legitimate emails from your spam folder to your main inbox, else Gmail may forever put your important sender emails to your spam folder by mistake, and you end up not seeing key emails from your clients.

  1. Regularly check your spam folder ,
  2. Unmark our email we sent you or remove or transfer legit emails, emails you expecting, to your main inbox that have been put in that folder by Gmail by mistake.
  3. Gmail users, please do not mark legit emails as spam if they come from sources you subscribed to such as newsletters, rather unsubscribe using the link at the bottom of the email to unsubscribe.

So when you see Gmail warning you like this below, don’t just think they correct all the time check whether you know the email sender or not, if you know them do step (2) above, Gmail also makes a mistake, sadly ūüôĀ

Gmail marks legit email as SPAM by mistake.
Gmail marks legit email as SPAM by mistake.


Business Technology: Saving costs is another way to make a profit

“Saving costs is another way to make a profit!”

Saving costs is another way to make profit and is an old adage, often overlooked, in our new section here at¬† News I will give my personal experience of about 20 years “playing” with business technology,¬†but I will explain business technology ¬†in my style which is¬†“crystal clear” yet simple, the cost and benefit analysis of a business technology solutions that anyone can implement in their¬†office, so that you are able to see clearly, in money terms, the cost savings per year and and¬†implement those¬†solutions if you wish to replicate my successes and reap the benefits in¬†money terms of¬†increase in your business profit, once again I remind you, this is a very critical understanding,¬†“Saving costs is another way to make a profit!”.

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Business Technology Cost Savings

Let me make an example, I used to wake up and post content manually to¬†our various social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, from our database-driven company website or let us call it a blog as some of you¬†may have blogs, blogs too¬†are database-driven, a database basically is computer storage of information, in this case my business information, this exercise would take 2-3 hours each day from say 4am till 6 or 7am, planning and doing it, remember one must also add tracking code to content to collect performance statistics so I can know which posts¬†had the most clicks etc, now an employee’s normal working day is 8 hours, so if you subtract the 3 hours than I would have already used a third of my working day doing this repetitive admin, and if an employee earns say R30 per hour that is R30 x 3 hours x 30 days x 12 months per year and the cost of that activity was¬†R32 400 per year, if you could save R32 400 per year what can you use it for? An end of the year vacation, new office equipment or¬†re-invest it and your time into another profit making business activity likes sales!¬†Well that’s what I did, I developed a simple computer software program to do this repetitive¬†admin task of posting to our social media from our blog or database-driven website.

We will clear the myths and superstitions around business technology, and bring your business  from the dark ages back to the 21 century!

Our new business technology section at News will give such practical examples and clear cost savings in money terms not some “shady” business technology solution whose impact in money terms, the seller can’t tell you, yet sells it¬†to you as a necessity and beneficial!
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Invoice Discounting: Is waiting for your business customer payments killing your business?

You have done the work for your customer, a big business, the client is satisfied, and you have issued your¬†invoice, however,¬†the problem is that your business customer will only ¬†pay you in 7 to 60 days! Mean time, there are immediate expenses that need to be paid monthly, and these creditors don’t care that you will be paid in¬†7 to 60 days days they want their money pronto!¬†They hound¬†you and call your telephone almost daily demanding¬†their money like yesterday! You can’t even sleep at night because of the worrying sigh…Man frustratedCLICK HERE!¬†¬†Get¬†This¬†Business Finance Quote!

We all been there, it is called Cash Flow Challenge, let us call it CFC.¬†Your¬†accounting books tell you have the money, however¬†the problem is that that money is not coming to you at the time you need it, which is now! But your money will be paid to you by your customer or debtor¬†in the near future, and that future just happens to be in¬†7 to 60 days¬†to come, which of course for a cash strapped entrepreneur is too far! And did I mention? You find that your local¬†bank can’t¬†help you especially since they became part of that new tighter international standard or law for banks, which basically means, banks can’t just loan people with low¬†credit scores, and you happen to have a low credit score too!

Well, here at we not here to write long and complicated stories, but we give the entrepreneur¬†a working solution that the entrepreneur¬†can start using immediately and solve his or her¬†business problem, without further a due I present to you invoice discounting, another cash flow problem busting solution! In our last article I introduced¬†tender financing or purchase order financing¬†but that is for “tenderpreneurs” or entrepreneurs who have government purchase orders but no money to pay suppliers immediately¬†and do the tender.

What is invoice discounting?

Ok, here at, we write simply because we talking to entrepreneurs not some Masters of Business or Guru, and simple is better, basically, you sell your specific invoice for a debtor to another business at a discount, and the other business waits the 7 to 60 days you would have waited to get paid WHILE YOU DO NOT WAIT 60 DAYS, and you get up to 90% of the invoice value paid to you today! The rest, which is 10% minus the services fees, you get that later when your customer pays the business you sold that specific invoice to!

CLICK HERE!  Get This Business Finance Quote!


  • Your get this business finance even with a Low Credit Score!
  • Same day payment into your account!
  • The invoice purchaser does not¬†take over your whole debtors book – only specific, large debtors;
  • The product is very flexible ‚Äď you decide how much cash you need and which customers¬†¬†you want to discount;
  • Your invoice will be¬†discounted up to 90% of its value;
  • There are no monthly or fixed costs ‚Äď you only pay for what you need;
  • There are no fixed terms ‚Äď you can discount at any time;
  • Minimum paperwork required, and


    • The product or service must already have been supplied by you to your customer or debtor;
    • Your customer¬†must be satisfied with the product or service;
    • Your customer¬†must be a reputable company with a good business record and credit standing;
    • Your customer¬†must agree to pay the invoice amount into our bank account;
    • Your customer¬†must sign an undertaking confirming the invoice amount.


The discount rate is 0.15% per day until your customer pays the business that bought that specific invoice, but the actual rate depends on the credit risk assessment so you will be assessed. You will only be charged for the exact number of days for which the invoice is outstanding. There is no minimum period. They may be a nominal service fee of say R300 per discounting transaction but this depends on many factors.

CLICK HERE!  Get This Business Finance Quote!

Business finance
Business finance options in South Africa.

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BEE Certificate: Do 100% black-owned businesses need BEE certificates? YES!

A BEE Certificate is for getting your business work or tenders from procurement departments!


A Black person, is as all people who may have been disadvantaged under the apartheid government, and includes Black, Coloured, Indian or Chinese demographics. However the individual must have been a citizen before 1994.

Example : A Chinese immigrant who has only received citizenship in 2005 would not be considered ‘Black’ as defined by the act.


YES! In South Africa more business opportunities are available to you if you have a BEE Certificate. If you are a supplier to the manufacturing, or retail industry, you might find that your buyer requests that you have certification. You have to be certified if you want to tender.

In almost every way, having a BEE Certificate in todays business economy is useful and an advantage to your company. A BEE Certificate could be requested by one of your suppliers or customers without warning and being able to answer that you are compliant gives a good impression of your company. As it only takes a few days to organise why not register yourself today?

CLICK HERE & Get Your BEE Certificate Quote Now!


The greater the turnover the harder and more expensive it becomes and the harder it is to do? For most companies (except architect and travel industries) whose turnover is less then 10 million, they only require a BEE Exemption certificate. This can be easily done in a few days for prices starting at R490.

For companies who have larger turnover, an office visit is required, where a government approved agent will test you concerning a variety of areas. If you have to do this the cost of a BEE Certificate rises very quickly.


SANAS is the government agency, who accredits companies to do BBBEE certification. There are only a few companies is South Africa that can issue SANAS approved certificates.

If you are not exempt from proper certification, then you will need a SANAS approved company to visit you and score you in accordance with the required prerequisites. They will then issue you with a SANAS approved certificate.

CLICK HERE & Get Your BEE Certificate Quote Now!


The smaller the number the better the level. In the past we had level 3 and level 4. Level 3 is better the level 4. Level 4 is intended by white owned companies, or companies where more then 50% of their shareholding is white. The mark for level 4 is 100%, and level 3 is 110%

Level 3 was the best option if you are majority Black Owned (see definition of Black above). In a nutshell if you have a level 3 certification, your quote might be 10% more costly then your Level 4 competition and you could still win the tender.

A new series of codes were released in October 2013, listing the new codes of Level 1 and 2 for companies who don’t appear in specific sectors. This means that a Black Owned company could get a Level 1, which equates to 135% Bee Rating as an EME.

Generally, if you are 100% Black owned, you will receive a level 1 certificate. In unique cases, certain departments in South Africa might not yet recognise this level (they are outdated departments as this law is now over two years old) and you might be disqualified. In these cases you are welcome to request a level 3 instead.

CLICK HERE & Get Your BEE Certificate Quote Now!


Manipulating the system is a serious legal offence. Copies of ID’s are required and they are used as basic testing in this regard.


  • Company Registration Docs
  • ID documents of each director (Certified)
  • Application form of the BEE issuer company. (Completed)
  • Affidavit from the BEE issuer company¬†needs to be signed.(Completed)


A copy of your Share Certificates

CLICK HERE & Get Your BEE Certificate Quote Now!

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BEE POINTS STRATEGY: Increase BEE points for Winning Tenders using learnership training

Save South Africa: Learnership training is the only solution left for South Africa to beat youth unemployment!

My little brother is an inspiration even to me, he failed maths in 2015, and then went to supplement it in 2016 but did not perform well still! In 2017 on his own went to supplement again! Now he is getting 70-80% maths and physics at the time of writing this article, why he keeps fighting? He has a dream to be an architect and nothing will stand in his way! He been drawing since he was young and who knows maybe he can help solve the housing problem in South Africa using architecture innovation,¬†but my little brother is “lucky”…

The Youth Unemployment Problem in South Africa

South Africa needs a work force with technical skills period! Or else no jobs!¬†Let me repeat, possibly this warning you reading here is one of the last warnings in this era of uncertainty engulfing our country, South Africa needs to create technical skills fast to beat unemployment! Else…


Help South Africa while getting R80 000 tax rebate per employee and up to 20 BEE points through learnership training

Learnership training basically means, your company takes say one or two matriculants off the streets into its umbrella for 1 year for work-based job skill training, you pay for that learnership training but then claim it back from government, and at the end of the year the matriculant ends up with a SETA NQF qualification recognised.

    Take two matriculants claim your R 160 000 tax rebate! When you develop their job skills!
    What can you do with *FREE employees for year? Increase sales!
    Employee skills development classes are twice a month!
    Improve your B-BBEE scorecard by up to 20 points through skills development!
  • Improve productivity or income and loyalty from a trained workforce!
* Note: To claim these benefits you must enrol an existing or matriculant in a learnership or skills development program.
*Free means it works out as you having not paid anything after claiming your benefits.

If Yes, contact us:CLICK HERE

Tender Joint Venture (JV): Working together we can do more!

What about tendering together with another business?

Working together we can do a Tender Joint Venture, isn’t?

This is called a joint venture (JV). When two businesses form a joint venture (a partnership between two business) they each contribute to the project and share the profit. In this way two (or more) small businesses may be able to win a large tender that neither would have been able to take on alone.

Use the following guidelines when selecting a tender joint venture (JV):

  • Choose you partner very carefully. Like any partnership, a¬†tender joint venture¬†(JV) thrives on mutual trust and collapses when partners become suspicious of the others motives, agendas and ethics
  • Enter into negotiations early
  • Rather involve two or more smaller¬†tender joint venture¬†(JV) partners than one other firm that is much bigger than you are; and
  • Draw up a formal tender joint venture (JV) agreement and state all expectations clearly, including usually vague notions such as the one partner empowering the other with skills.