WHO: How to wash hands with soap and water amid Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa

VIDEO: Watch ‘The How To Wash Your Hands Video’ Click Below Amid COVID-19

This is a video from the World Health Organisation that teaches how to wash your hands especially amid coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic in South Africa. You may wash hands at least for 20 seconds, even though World Health Organisation recommends 1 minute.

In a test conducted by Dr Oz Youtube Video Sanitiser Versus Soap Test hand soap worked better than a sanitiser it is just that hand sanitisers are convenient as they do not need water, and you can even keep a small bottle in your pocket or bag while travelling, at home use soap to wash your hands regularly, the key thing is regular sanitising and washing of hands properly and touching of face especially eyes, nose, and mouse, click to watch the video above to learn how to wash hands properly.

Amid the South African lockdown because of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic, all your guests and staff must be required to sanitize on entry of your workplace, and your family members to wash their hands at regular intervals, for example before meals and after using the toilet.

What to do when you suspect you maybe infected with Coronavirus COVID-19? The first thing is to isolate yourself from your loved ones, to protect them and then do step 6 in our “6 Steps for South African Small Businesses(SMME) to protect against Coronavirus COVID-19”.

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