ABSA Shuts Down Money Market Fund On 6 July 2021

Business Insider reports that ABSA to shut down its R85 billion money market fund or ‘unit trust’ on 6 July 2021, ABSA money market is the largest fund in South Africa, where a lot of South African invest in with the hope to get better returns.
Why are they closing it? They could not match their clients expectations in terms of returns, and their clients have a wrong impression that the returns promised are guaranteed!

ABSA clients seek better returns and now their hope is dashed. 

What are other alternative opportunities or markets out there?

Kindly note, this is not investment advise and anyone investing must invest what they are also prepared to lose.

MarketDirect Tender Funder Club service, a form of ‘crowd-funding’ where groups of people fund others’ projects, was started to help entrepreneurs with tenders/purchase orders from government and national companies fund their purchase orders/tenders, investors or funders of these entrepreneur projects get unprecedented returns.

The MarketDirect Tender Funder Club offers unprecedented 10% return per 45-60 days period or about 50-200% return per year! Learn more and how to join click here now.

Get 10-15% return per month – forget 8% per year: The Best Business Investment Opportunity in South Africa

Get 10-15% return per month – forget 8% per year: The Best Business Investment Opportunity in South Africa!

RULE 1: Please read things before filling our online investment form,  to read things well can make you efficient and effective in life.

This is only for companies/individuals with money right now to invest and fund other SMEs with government purchase orders.

Diversify or Have Many Sources Of Income:

You need to diversify or add many sources your income, even during the times you not winning tenders and RFQs you earning an income, have you seen those companies that wait for that 1 or 2 purchase order(s) or tender(s) per year? And then the rest of the year they are hungry and sitting doing nothing? Do not be one of them! Create many ways of income – diversify by becoming a MarketDirect Tender Funder Club member!


Banks are not lending SMEs money and in future it will be even worse, MarketDirect Purchase Order Funding is well known now in South Africa and had been funding SMEs with awarded government tenders and purchase orders for some time,  no credit checks are done and no affordability checks, we now extends the opportunity to you  SME to assist this movement, we can not do it alone because we are not banks with deep pockets so deep you can not even see the bottom!

Examples of companies we have helped fund successfully recently:

Byford M Projects delivered Laptops project for Amajuba Municipality…Read more.
Masimini Solutions was able to deliver container crane brake resistors… Read more.
Bua Travel was able to house Eastern Cape government officials…Read more.
SME in KZN was able to deliver finger print ink and stationery to SAPS police station.

Opportunity for you:

Why invest overseas when you can invest home? Help another SME and South Africa same time plus make good money! Why waste time bidding for tenders or purchase orders and probably losing the bid many times over? No need. Partner in already won tenders. Your company is invited to apply to be amongst a few selected for this amazing opportunity of investing* (read notes at the bottom) in tenders or purchase orders that are already been awarded, so you do not to bid anymore from large corporate companies and government parastatals and departments in South Africa.


  • Purchase Order Funding is considered 99% risk-free across the world.
  • Get 10-15% “Interest monthly or return”*  –  Money markets, banks and other investment opportunities give you 8-10% per year or annum, invest in real business(tenders) but while keeping your investment safe* (please read notes at the bottom)
  • Super Compound Interest – Make money work for you! How does R100 000 with a 15% monthly interest over 12 months becomes R535, 025.12?**(please read notes at the bottom). Was it Einstein who said “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world”? Even if it was not this remains true. Time or “n” in FV=PV(1+I)n or future value formula is very interesting 😉
  • No Need To Bid For Tenders And Purchase Orders! Partner In Already Awarded Ones! – Why spend time bidding for tenders and purchase order? We provide your projects that already been gotten or secured. 
  • Invest In South Africa – unlike other investment opportunities your money is not helping some foreign country overseas but South Africa and your communities.


  • You must have money right now to invest, a minimum R100K, that you can invest for a minimum 30 days or until project completion which is usually 30 days. 
  • Your company must be an EME (making less than R10million per annum).
  • FICA Documents will be required at later stage of assessment.

How to apply to be part of this Tender Funder Club Program?

Apply Now Button

Click this link now to apply! 

You must have a minimum R100K right now. An agent will call you after filling this form.  


– you are not loaning these businesses money, so in fact you not earning interest, but you partner in other entrepreneurs’ projects,  we negotiated an overall minimum return of 10-15% per month for you.

** – assumption is that you reinvest your 10-15% return or “interest” along with the principal monthly in new projects and that there is enough new projects for you to invest in for 12 months and that you can invest all of your money.