About TolaTender News

TolaTender News is a new media age digital publication that was founded in 2016, its “highly utalitarian or useful” for the entrepreneur in South Africa, TolaTender News breaks the “mystery” on how to tender for government and private sector contracts in South Africa.

The mystery around tenders in South Africa is deepened by the fact that tender opportunities and information is often fragmented, and entrepreneurs have to pay premium to get the latest tender information from various tender alerting subscription services, thus making it hard for your average entrepreneur to  participate in the South African economy.

TolaTender.co.za is the first entirely free tender alerting services in South Africa, we continue to lead media innovation—from breaking the information and economic barriers preventing the average entrepreneur, with the first truly free tender alerting information service in South Africa, to delivering latest business strategies for the tendering entrepreneur with TolaTender News using new media.

Access to our content is free of charge thanks to advertising-based revenue.

Feel free to comment below our news articles and one of our members will respond, or contact one of our staff members for things related technical issues, press and if you wish to submit a news article related to business or tenders that will help our reader.

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