What is Tender’s Local Content and why it’s important to Small Businesses?

Yesterday an entrepreneur comes to us very unhappy, because his government client wants him to declare what is called “Local Content”, they want to award him a tender to supply some electronic telecommunication equipment, but the problem is that he did not declare this “Local Content” accurately when responding to the request for quotation, this simple mistake now disqualifies him even though his price is the best!

Local Content means how much of the goods you supply will be bought locally, obviously many goods are manufactured overseas, but same time government wants only local goods to boost the local economy, so what do you do? There is ways for you to bypass this government requirement and still get maximum points for your tender bid, even when importing from overseas is discouraged.

The Tender Master Class is a SETA accredited short tendering course about bidding for tenders for corporates, jobseekers and SMMEs, so that when you bid for tenders you do it accurately and effectively and not make mistakes that get you disqualified, but WIN TENDERS!

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Purchase Order Funding helps SHIELD WISE deliver on time!

We help SHIELD WISE PTY LTD deliver HP toners to DEPARTMENT OF RURAL DEVELOPMENT AND LAND REFORM. This is after they have been everywhere seeking a way to fund their purchase order but couldn’t get funded.
The delivery happened today, 25 January 2021, and all went very well, we confident that by them delivering on time they will get more business in the near future.
South Africa moves forward whenever each and every SMME or entrepreneur delivers goods and/or services on time to our government and national companies, and delivering on time builds a good business reputation and makes our communities get services on time. 
We must remember these goods/services entrepreneurs provide are not just for government people, but directly improve service delivery to the South African people.
MarketDirect Purchase Order Finance(Click To Apply) goal is to enable each and every SMME to gain access to funding for their purchase orders and deliver on time each and every time! 



About the SMME we funded:

SHIELD WISE PTY LTD is a company based in the Gauteng and headed by its founders and directors Mr Ngkapele, and provides various services including sales of printers and consumables such ink toners. You can contact them to get the best pricing on 0671271855.

Printer ink toners


SANITISER VS SOAP: South African Small Businesses(SMME) CAN continue operating amid coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic


We are not closing during the 21 day lockdown announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa starting on Thursday 26 February 2020 midnight, we assisting the state through funding SMMEs who get awarded urgent tenders and RFQs for the provision of essential goods and services such as groceries and medical products, so they can execute the government orders, and provide much needed products and services to the South African government and her people amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

SMMEs you too can continue operating during South Africa’s lockdown by following the way we work:

  • Practise a correct hygiene protocol, read the 6 steps below on how to protect yourself and your family, share this page on your Whatsapp and social media to your friends and loved ones.


Place clinical hand sanitisers (it must be a minimum 60% alcohol-based sanitiser else won’t kill viruses) at entrances of your workplace, keep in mind, in a test conducted by Dr Oz soap worked better than a sanitiser it is just that hand sanitisers are convenient to use as they do not need water, and you can even keep a small bottle of sanitiser in your pocket or bag while travelling, at home use soap & water to wash your hands regularly, the key thing is regular sanitising or washing of hands with soap and water properly, the water washes away the virus better than a sanitiser, watch the video above to learn how to wash hands properly. All your guests and staff must be required to sanitize on entry of your workplace, and your family members to wash their hands at regular intervals, for example before meals and after using the toilet.


Clean everything at scheduled regular intervals and include the disinfection of frequently used objects and surfaces such as coffee stations, door handles, desks, tables and more.


Practise correct hygiene protocols. Cough and sneeze into your elbow or tissue, frequent washing of hands with soap for min 20 secs and close the tap with hand towel or toilet paper – don’t touch the tap with your clean hands! Avoiding touching one’s face especially mouth, eyes and nose, as these are points of entry for Coronavirus COVID-19, and also avoid shaking hands.


Have tissues placed visibly where guests, staff and family have access to at all times.


Communication is key, forward this email to your loved ones, create Whatsapp groups and update people and your loved ones regularly on the latest news on this COVID-19 pandemic, for SMMEs, place Health and Safety signage in various locations around your office, to inform and educate all staff and guests on correct protocols.


People may experience:

  • runny nose
  • sore throat
  • cough
  • fever
  • difficulty breathing (severe cases) 

They are required to quarantine or isolate themselves and seek advice from their healthcare professional or contact the public hotline (0800 029 999), or Whatsapp say ‘Hi’ to 060 012 3456 or visit www.sacoronavirus.co.za (you can track live stats on infections in South Africa on this government website) before going to a hospital so that you do not infect those at the hospital in case you are infected with coronavirus COVID-19.

MarketDirect.co.za Tender And Purchase Order Finance

ABSA Shuts Down Money Market Fund On 6 July 2021

Business Insider reports that ABSA to shut down its R85 billion money market fund or ‘unit trust’ on 6 July 2021, ABSA money market is the largest fund in South Africa, where a lot of South African invest in with the hope to get better returns.
Why are they closing it? They could not match their clients expectations in terms of returns, and their clients have a wrong impression that the returns promised are guaranteed!

ABSA clients seek better returns and now their hope is dashed. 

What are other alternative opportunities or markets out there?

Kindly note, this is not investment advise and anyone investing must invest what they are also prepared to lose.

MarketDirect Tender Funder Club service, a form of ‘crowd-funding’ where groups of people fund others’ projects, was started to help entrepreneurs with tenders/purchase orders from government and national companies fund their purchase orders/tenders, investors or funders of these entrepreneur projects get unprecedented returns.

The MarketDirect Tender Funder Club offers unprecedented 10% return per 45-60 days period or about 50-200% return per year! Learn more and how to join click here now.

The Tender Master Class – The Only Government SAQA *Certified How To Tender Business Training in South Africa

The Tender Master Class - The Only Government SAQA *Certified How To Tender Business Training in South Africa
The Tender Master Class – The Only Government SAQA *Certified How To Tender Business Training in South Africa

Start 2020 with a bang by becoming a Tender Master. This is a once-off investment in a 2-3 day government approved training program that will change your whole life!
We have 2020 vision for you in 2020 to help you get more business!
*Skills Development Tax – you must claim a tax reduction by attending this workshop and getting this NQF 4 level certificate.
I am pleased to inform you that we are launching our new training the only *government approved/certified The Tender Master Classes in Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town for now from October to November 2020. We offer you a 20% special discount for 2 and more people who book. Please book by clicking the green button below and spaces are limited.
NB: To see new workshop dates please click the “BOOK A SEAT NOW” button.
The Tender Master Class – The Only Government SAQA *Certified How To Tender Workshop in South Africa
Designed for both SMME’s and Large Enterprises: Win tenders by becoming a tender master! The 3 days workshop focuses on how invitation for tenders (ITT) or request for quotations(RFQ) are issued by government departments in South Africa, learn how you as a supplier should compile and submit your bids, an d how government judges bids. The skills you learn in The Tender Master Class will help you have far better chances to win bids for tender and request for quotations in South Africa.

BEE How much does The Tender Master Class or Class costs?

This 3 days workshop or course costs R4500 per person including VAT. 20% off for 2 and more people and you end up with the only Government SAQA approved Level NQF4 Tender Master Class certificate.


    You will end up with a government recognised NQF4 certificate.


    Learn how to access tendering opportunities, e.g. like the FREE www.TolaTender.co.za alerting website.


    Understand the tendering process, from invitation to tender (ITT) or Request For Quotation(RTQ) to how to devise a strategy to present your bid/response to an ITT or RFQ.


    Learn how to do your costing for a tender/RFQ.


    Responding to an invitation for tender or RFQ requires that you fill certain documents correctly, one mistake means disqualification.

Get 10-15% return per month – forget 8% per year: The Best Business Investment Opportunity in South Africa

Get 10-15% return per month – forget 8% per year: The Best Business Investment Opportunity in South Africa!

RULE 1: Please read things before filling our online investment form,  to read things well can make you efficient and effective in life.

This is only for companies/individuals with money right now to invest and fund other SMEs with government purchase orders.

Diversify or Have Many Sources Of Income:

You need to diversify or add many sources your income, even during the times you not winning tenders and RFQs you earning an income, have you seen those companies that wait for that 1 or 2 purchase order(s) or tender(s) per year? And then the rest of the year they are hungry and sitting doing nothing? Do not be one of them! Create many ways of income – diversify by becoming a MarketDirect Tender Funder Club member!


Banks are not lending SMEs money and in future it will be even worse, MarketDirect Purchase Order Funding is well known now in South Africa and had been funding SMEs with awarded government tenders and purchase orders for some time,  no credit checks are done and no affordability checks, we now extends the opportunity to you  SME to assist this movement, we can not do it alone because we are not banks with deep pockets so deep you can not even see the bottom!

Examples of companies we have helped fund successfully recently:

Byford M Projects delivered Laptops project for Amajuba Municipality…Read more.
Masimini Solutions was able to deliver container crane brake resistors… Read more.
Bua Travel was able to house Eastern Cape government officials…Read more.
SME in KZN was able to deliver finger print ink and stationery to SAPS police station.

Opportunity for you:

Why invest overseas when you can invest home? Help another SME and South Africa same time plus make good money! Why waste time bidding for tenders or purchase orders and probably losing the bid many times over? No need. Partner in already won tenders. Your company is invited to apply to be amongst a few selected for this amazing opportunity of investing* (read notes at the bottom) in tenders or purchase orders that are already been awarded, so you do not to bid anymore from large corporate companies and government parastatals and departments in South Africa.


  • Purchase Order Funding is considered 99% risk-free across the world.
  • Get 10-15% “Interest monthly or return”*  –  Money markets, banks and other investment opportunities give you 8-10% per year or annum, invest in real business(tenders) but while keeping your investment safe* (please read notes at the bottom)
  • Super Compound Interest – Make money work for you! How does R100 000 with a 15% monthly interest over 12 months becomes R535, 025.12?**(please read notes at the bottom). Was it Einstein who said “Compound interest is the 8th wonder of the world”? Even if it was not this remains true. Time or “n” in FV=PV(1+I)n or future value formula is very interesting 😉
  • No Need To Bid For Tenders And Purchase Orders! Partner In Already Awarded Ones! – Why spend time bidding for tenders and purchase order? We provide your projects that already been gotten or secured. 
  • Invest In South Africa – unlike other investment opportunities your money is not helping some foreign country overseas but South Africa and your communities.


  • You must have money right now to invest, a minimum R100K, that you can invest for a minimum 30 days or until project completion which is usually 30 days. 
  • Your company must be an EME (making less than R10million per annum).
  • FICA Documents will be required at later stage of assessment.

How to apply to be part of this Tender Funder Club Program?

Apply Now Button

Click this link now to apply! 

You must have a minimum R100K right now. An agent will call you after filling this form.  


– you are not loaning these businesses money, so in fact you not earning interest, but you partner in other entrepreneurs’ projects,  we negotiated an overall minimum return of 10-15% per month for you.

** – assumption is that you reinvest your 10-15% return or “interest” along with the principal monthly in new projects and that there is enough new projects for you to invest in for 12 months and that you can invest all of your money.

MarketDirect Purchase Order Funding Assisted Masimini Solutions Deliver Container Crane Brake Parts to Transnet

Our methods work in boosting SMME revenues, by making the SMME deliver on time, your business too can be making R1 MILLION PER MONTH just like the SMME below.
UPDATE: Remember the story of Masimini Solutions we told you about in May last year(2019), here is their story below to remind you, we found them struggling even to make R300 000 per year, fast track 10 months later to February this year (2020), for the first time in their business they cracked the R1 MILLION sales revenue per month mark because the buyers of its client are now preferring Masimini Solutions and so give them more purchase orders, mathematical proof that our methods of assisting SMMEs with purchase orders with funding, project management and business support really works, by making you deliver on time to your clients!
You need to think bigger, government wants you to make money because it is the only way government too can make money through tax, problem is the moment some SMMEs get a purchase order of say R300 000 and it is the first time in their business lives, thoughts of defrauding Funders begin, we not interested in opening fraud cases against SMMEs and shutting down their businesses, but for a few we do this, be like Masimini Solutions share in order to grow, focus on building a good business reputation with your buyers, and good delivery reputation will build you revenue of  R1 MILLION sales per month and beyond!
The Original Newsletter and Blog Post of September 2019:
We recently assisted Masimini Solutions deliver two container crane machine brake resistor parts from China to Transnet on time, what Masimini Solutions learnt which all SMMEs need to consider when importing goods from overseas is that import duty or tax at the local ports do apply, and in some cases you may need to store your imported heavy equipment for a couple of days at storage, therefore do consider the storage cost, and in this case it was R17 000, and also sometimes your client may need the goods faster so understand your shipping method, i.e. shipping (30 days) or airplanes(2-3 days), we decided to change the shipping method for Masimini Solutions to be airplanes, so when bidding please consider all costs!
Our country South Africa moves forward whenever each and every SME or entrepreneur delivers goods on time to our government and national companies, and delivering on time makes our communities get services on time, it is as simple as that, MarketDirect Purchase Order Finance(Click To Apply) goal is to enable each and every SME to gain access to funding for their purchase orders and deliver on time each and every time! 



 About the SMME we funded:
Masimini Solutions is a 100% BEE company based in the Eastern Cape town of East London and headed by its founder and director Mr Denovin Lawrence, the company specialises in the supply of heavy duty industrial electrical equipment and industrial cleaning chemicals and such supplies.

For all your heavy duty industrial electrical equipment and cleaning chemicals and supply needs in South Africa contact Mr Denovin Lawrence on 0631199740

Transnet Container Crane (RTG)

Figure A: Masimini Solutions delivered two components of the container crane machine from China to Transnet.

Earn R2 000 – R5000 Per Day Referring SMEs needing funding for government purchase order and earn a good living helping South Africa

Earn a good living helping South Africa

Good Day SME/Job Seeker,
I have wonderful news for you you can earn really good money just by referring SMEs seeking funding for their government purchase orders. I mean say R2 000 – R5 000 per day and it is no lie.
Lead Provider Commission   
We want you to earn a very good living doing this important work for South Africa, say R2 000 – R5 000 per day, getting SMEs with already awarded government purchase orders apply for our kind of purchase order financing, it is hard for SMEs to get funded when they have government purchase orders especially.
A message recently sent to one of our MarketDirect Purchase Order Funding Lead Providers, who referred one lead with a government purchase order and made really good commission – one of the best commissions in South Africa!
“Your commission of around R2K for XYZ Company will be due in the coming week for a new SME that was funded successfully on their government purchase order funding request :)”
New! Perpetual commission of 5%, after the initial commission of 10% for a new lead, for up to 2 years.
Click the button below to join now!

Join the MarketDirect Purchase Order Funding Lead Provider Program
Join the MarketDirect Purchase Order Funding Lead Provider Program

Lead Provider

MarketDirect Purchase Order Finance helped Byford M Projects with funding for Laptops project for Amajuba Municipality

We helped Byford M Projects with funding for Laptops project for Amajuba Municipality.

We helped Byford M Projects with funding for Laptops project for Amajuba Municipality.
We helped Byford M Projects with funding for Laptops project for Amajuba Municipality.


What a wonderful story of Byford M Projects.
We recently funded Byford M Projects with delivery of 12 laptops to Amajuba Municipality, in fact Byford M Projects came to us on the weekend where the Friday was Woman’s Day and their delivery date was a monday, clearly there was not to be any time process their funding request to buy 12 laptops for Amajuba Municipality, MarketDirect Purchase Order MarketDirect Purchase Order Finance(Click To Apply) even worked on the weekend, beyond office hours, the pressure was on on Byford M Projects, we first asked Amajuba Municipality for an extension instead of Friday to assist Byford M Projects have a successful travel and tour project. 
NEXT WEEK STORY: We will tell you how we helped Masimini Solutions deliver to Transnet electrical devices from China, when nobody wanted to assist Masimini Solutions, they had also overlooked Customs or Import duty which cost is about R17 000 MarketDirect Purchase Order Finance(Click To Apply) came through …



About the SME we funded:

Byford M Projects is a 100% BEE company based in the KwaZulu-Nata town of Newcastle or Madadeni and headed by its founder and director Mr Sandiso Masengemi, the company provides all computer hardware and software sales

For all your computer needs in South Africa contact Mr Sandiso Masengemi on 0813088644

Purchase Order Finance -Byford M Projects- Amajuba Municipality

Purchase Order Finance -Byford M Projects- Amajuba Municipality

Figure A: Byford M Projects recently delivered 12 laptops to Amajuba Municipality successfully.

How to spot a Request For Quotation/Purchase Order scam easy?

MarketDirect Purchase Order Funding

Spot a Request For Quotation/Purchase Order Scam Easy!

The scammers modus operandi: The fraudulent requests for quotations (“RFQ”) are sent via email to SMEs requesting them to send quotations or to deliver goods. After the submission of a quote by a supplier, communication is then sent to such a supplier, that the quote has been accepted and delivery may take place or goods will be collected from the premises of the supplier.

Typical scams have the following attributes:

How to spot a scam easy?
Pay attention to the email address from which the request for quotation comes from, let me make a real example. An SME recently contacted MarketDirect Purchase Order Funding service seeking funding for a purchase order “awarded” by Steve Biko Academic Hospital, we simply saw very easily that it a scam by looking at the email address where it is coming, in this case the email address looked this way.
STEP 1: Copy and to your internet browser the part after the “@” sign, you lend at government website if not it is scam.
Spot a PO SCAM easy

STEP 2: We copied and pasted “doh-govza.org” onto our internet browser and have a look below where that took us:

po scam website domain not government

This website shown above clearly is not of government but it is where the scam artists registered their website, “doh-govza.org“, and is not like any of the real department of health website which usually end with “.gov.za” for instance “health.go.za“.

There you have it! A simple test to see if the Request For Quotation (RFQ) or Purchase Order(PO) you receive via email is scam or real, simply take the part after “@” symbol of an email address the RFQ is coming from and put it on your internet web browser it should lead you to a real government website!